Yayatees7 – SwanFest The Skyline Stage October 1, 2023 Philadelphia Poster Shirt

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“We are very obsessed, to say the least. We were super excited when she [Sevigny] bought our necklace and ever since, we thought she was the perfect person to show off everything we love and we want to work with her,” explains Emma Chopova. “We make books because they are more precious and lasting. It’s the perfect fit. There’s no denying that guests were captivated by the iconic collaboration when, at the end of the night, several copies of Conversations With Angels were discovered tucked under the fashion team’s arms as they hurried away from cocktail hour and back to 58th Street. You can purchase your own version of Conversations With Angels here.

SwanFest The Skyline Stage October 1, 2023 Philadelphia Poster Shirt

Chloë Sevigny x Chopova Lowena is like a combination made in the fashion heaven of cool girls, and for that, we have to thank Sevigny’s husband. “My husband was looking at the dresses, and I thought, ‘What’s that brand!’” She continued, “They [Chopova Lowena] approached me with this project, and I said, ‘Of course! I want to give myself to you and your imagination and whatever you want to create. I am your role model, your piece of clay; mold me into anything. I’m here!’ I’m just a game.” While sipping champagne and floral cocktails in the Bergdorf restaurant, guests like Alia Raza, Becky Akinyode, Mina Le, Nina Tiari, Oyinda, Quil Lemons and Rowan Blanchard were read the fairy tale directly by the snow queen herself. The crowd gathered as Sevigny sat in her chair and gave a presentation about her school’s best teacher.

SwanFest The Skyline Stage October 1, 2023 Philadelphia Poster Shirt Hoodie

But even in the midst of pain and uncertainty, strength shines through. “We’re all stronger inside than before,” said Yana Olenich, founder of women’s clothing brand Olenich of the same name. “Unity and protest are in our blood.” A year on, five designers reveal what their personal and professional realities look like now. A sea of plaid miniskirts and rainbow mesh tops flooded the 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman last night as the New York fashion world gathered to watch Chloe Sevigny read fairy tales. For captive audiences, she read Conversations with Angels—Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena’s (founders of their eponymous brand Chopova Lowena) retelling Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen. However, the Chopova Lowena version was written by the poet Precious Okoyomon, photographed by Charlotte Wales, and stars only Chloë Sevigny.

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