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And to drive the week’s messaging home, Kerry Washington spoke it loud and clear: “Bad bitches- I see you,” she captioned her video, which featured wavy lengths, a little dance, and a game-recognize-game moment. We see you too! When considering the best face serum, industry experts have gotten used to a certain level of confusion. “A lot of times, clients don’t know if serums are worth it; they may see the price and think that it is a step that they will skip,” says LaKeisha Dale, licensed esthetician and founder of New York’s MelaSkin Studio. “It helps to take time to educate clients on what serums are and the role that they can play in their personal skincare routines.”

Nordacious Merch Merry Britmas Shirt

This week’s best beauty Instagrams offered a lesson in good vibes. Point one was presented by Lizzo, a shimmy, and a wealth of glitter, her brand of buoyant confidence finding softer form in Lupita Nyong’o’s combination of glossed lips and glowing skin. Troye Sivan and Lily-Rose Depp served up a double dose of angelic beauty—Depp’s delineated lips and tight-lined lids providing her aesthetic some edge—as elsewhere, Rachel Zegler’s power pose was augmented by a tousled, jawline-grazing chop. Gigi Hadid exchanged her signature waves for a sleek and shorn undercut at Marc Jacobs Fall 2022 show; January Jones distracted from a recent injury with a full-fringe, polished bob; and J Lo shared a selfie marked by a glassy nude pout and a matching manicure.

Nordacious Merch Merry Britmas Shirt Hoodie

Put simply; Dale describes serums as “medicine” for your skin. And everyone has their own way of breaking down their power: “Serums deliver more concentrated versions of active ingredients to the skin,” explains Dr. Julius Few, MD, a plastic surgeon and founder of The Few Institute in Chicago and Los Angeles. “The purpose of the active ingredient can vary, from hydrating to skin brightening to wrinkle-reducing.” A serum’s thin, concentrated formula allows it to treat skin concerns in a more targeted way than other products in a daily routine. “Serums can make the skin look and feel better with just a small amount—a little goes a long way,” says Dr. Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. “They’re a worthwhile addition, and I often recommend them to my patients.”

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