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Tucked away in La Mercerie’s private room last night, you’ll find an intimate group of fashion and beauty enthusiasts gathering to celebrate the launch of Fara Homidi’s latest project, FH Friends. Homidi admits that advice from a friend while she was creating her self-titled beauty line inspired her to allow the community to get involved in her work. “That advice really opened up something for me, which is why I think so many of you are already involved in the brand, in the brand story — from social media to product creation, to campaigns to style,” Homidi explains, gesturing to the people around the table. Now, with FH Friends, Homidi seeks to bring that sentiment to the world by inviting anyone to be a part of the brand ethos. The program seeks to incentivize repeat customers by providing exclusive access to launches, discounts, and invitations to future Fara Homidi beauty events.

Official child Please Chad John New Shirt

Throughout the evening, guests sip Yola Mezcal cocktails (including the skillfully crafted FH Paloma). All sat down for a three-course dinner of chicken and halibut; Fresh flowers and a campaign card marked with a QR code to a summer playlist created by Fara and Paloma lined the table. The dinner co-host Paloma Elsesser told Homidi: “I feel incredibly privileged to have watched you grow and become friends; we are all so proud of you,” Paloma Elsesser, the dinner co-host, told Homidi.

Official child Please Chad John New Shirt Hoodie

Because Barbara’s parents’ property is often used as a wedding venue, she and her sister, Anita Palvin, have experience in planning. And when Barbara was engaged, Anita quickly took action. “We didn’t have a planner, so Barbara and her sister planned almost everything,” Dylan explains. “They told me my only job was to show up and say the right name.” Barbara also carefully considered every aspect of her wedding day wardrobe, wanting to wear something timeless and classic for the ceremony. Vivienne Westwood was her starting point, and she ended up choosing a custom strapless top design from the British fashion house. For wedding day jewelry, it’s always Tiffany & Co., with the jeweler creating a ’90s-inspired necklace for the bride to perfectly complement the dress.

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