Sister leavenworth’s school for wayward children shirt

The moment this t-shirt falls into my lap, I’m thinking, yeah baby, now’s my turn to show off a little! Come on, ladies and gents, bring out your autograph books, your hero is in town! So, I wear this to my lab the Sister leavenworth’s school for wayward children shirt In other words next day. It’s a kind of long walk to my lab from where I live. I pass through the famous Venugopal Temple, the Manipal Institute of Technology’s residential blocks and staff quarters; a major intersection called Kamath Circle, where mornings are packed with students heading out either to the food court for breakfast or to class. I walk straight down a few more hostel blocks (1st block to 4th block), until I hit the academic sections. At the academic blocks, I walk right past the chemical engineering block, the mechanical engineering workshops, and the MIT central library until I make my first stop at the MIT cafeteria for breakfast. So, I have breakfast. I notice a few eyes on me; on my t-shirt, rather! Some people point and gesture in my direction. But still, nothing. I finish breakfast and head towards my lab. Students notice my t-shirt, but nothing has happened so far. All I have is wishful thinking!

Sister leavenworth’s school for wayward children shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

Sister leavenworth's school for wayward children shirt

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