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For Victoria, it’s all about weight training, which you might have seen her doing on Instagram. “We don’t have a commercial gym set-up with lots of fixed weight machines, so we use the space we’ve got,” Rich says. “She does a lot of dumbbell, barbell and bodyweight work, and I incorporate lots of functional and compound movements–using two or three joints and muscle groups–each time.”

All I Want For Christmas Is Trump Shirt

While some still actively baulk at the idea of weightlifting for fear it will create bunched-up muscles, Victoria is proof that that’s a myth. “If you’re doing weight training three to five days a week, getting bulky is not going to be an issue,” confirms Rich. “It’s only when people are doing two to three sessions a day, five or six days a week, that they start building that kind of muscle.”

All I Want For Christmas Is Trump Shirt

Weight training is particularly important for women, especially if they have had children or are going through the menopause. “There’s a five percent decrease in bone density for every child you have, because the baby absorbs nutrients away from the body, so it’s really important that you start considering bone health early–that’s just one of the benefits of weight training,” Rich says. During the perimenopause, you’re also more at risk of osteoporosis, not to mention that muscle mass helps with metabolism, which naturally decreases as we get older.

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