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My mom was with us during the first months of being a new family and she helped us with everything: diaper changes, planning, stroller walks–you name it. She cared (and cares) for all of us. She has taught me that family means putting everything aside. To always be there. To help, support, and love—endlessly. I will never forget the nightly strolls my parents took. Every (!) night at 10 they would walk our baby around town in the stroller to comfort her. When having a baby with colic, you have this constant feeling of stress and restlessness. We were given a nightly break from the crying. They walked, walked, and walked, relentlessly through snow, sleet, rain, and storms. Prizeworthy, I tell you.

Official Labia Menorah Shirt

This particular subject has not changed—not at all. Daytime is for practical layering and everything comfortably oversized. At night, I dress up to go out. I love a sexy dress and getting my hair and makeup done. I still love impractical footwear like high heels and pointy toes. But I always bring flats in my bag and a warm jacket. That’s who I am. Plus, this is Denmark; never trust the weather. As for creativity, I see the world with different eyes now. I always have her in the back of my head and having her has made me even more creative. As for my method of working, I am now way more efficient. I do not have the same time as I used to and I am much more needed at home than beforehand. I keep getting better at separating work from life but it is a process.

Official Labia Menorah Shirt Hoodie

Barbara Potts: It has been difficult to change from being this independent woman—making my own life, my own career, and my own money—to this new life where I suddenly needed both care, attention, and help from people around me. Today, I feel very empowered—I gave birth to this amazing child. What can ever beat that? I am forever grateful. My daughter is my shining light. Uma means “light” and Eloise means “warrior.” Not only the perfect mix but also an accurate description of her. Love is great. And now, greater than ever.

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